SWS Warehouse Management Software

Client Case Study: The United States Air Force

6 July, 2011

The United States Air Force approached SWS when then wanted to place 80 different items into the same location and keep track of each.

To solve the problem, we used the SWS Multiple Location Coding format. Each location is given a unique code, for example “AAA01A”, describing the zone (A), the aisle (next A) the column or bay (the third A), the height and the side. We permit up to 9 characters to define a location and, in this case, we add a slash code (/01, /02 … /99).

In effect, this divides a location into 99 section where each holds a different box of items. The warehouse management system allocates a sub-section to a product code. From the user’s perspective, they only see the master code location (“AAA01A”) while the SWS system applies logic when placing an article into an appropriate sub-section to join others of the same code.