SWS Warehouse Management Software

SWS Aurora cloud solution

Aurora is our revolutionary web-based HTML5 Smart Warehouse System.

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SWS cloud warehouse management software

Into the cloud…

In 2012 we launched of our revolutionary cloud version: “SWS Aurora”: a new context for warehouse management software from Smart Warehouse Systems.

Aurora is a modern HTML5 application which works from almost any web-enabled desktop or mobile browser. We can install Aurora on servers within your organisation but, for ultimate flexibility, we can run it for you within the cloud. There’s nothing to install or update and you can manage your warehouse stock from any web-connected device anywhere in the world.

SWS Aurora trial

We are currently offering trials of SWS Aurora to selected companies. Please contact us if you would like to access a demonstration system.

SWS Aurora videos

The following video highlights Aurora’s intuitive interface and intelligent put-away process (view in HD format):

This video describes Aurora’s automated picking processes and how you can override any decision the software makes (view in HD format):

This video illustrates how you can view the history of all products, pallets and bays (view in HD format):

This video shows how you can grant access to your suppliers and clients so they can view their stock and make pick requests (view in HD format):