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The benefits you will enjoy when using our smart warehousing software in your business.

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We only produce warehouse management software and we do it well. When you choose SWS, you can be sure that constant research and development is undertaken to evolve the product and implement up-to-date technology which helps your business.

Whatever your warehouse product — from brown or white electrical products, car accessories and garden equipment to wines, paper and novelty gifts –- you will enjoy the following benefits from SWS warehouse management software.


Keeping overheads to a minimum has been one of our key goals since we started trading in 1988. You will benefit from the lowest possible price for the best warehouse management solution on the market today.

Be rest assured that the low prices we charge do not limit the scope of the product. Our software is one of the easiest and most comprehensive systems available.

You do not necessarily need to purchase an expensive warehouse management system outright: we offer leasing and pay-as-you-go options.


We are confident that no other solution beats warehouse management software for simplicity and user-friendly design. Your staff will learn SWS quicky and easily. Those with little or no computer experience will soon be operating effectively.

Scope and Scalability

SWS software adapts to your systems — not the other way round. Our sophisticated solution is built to blend-in and enhance your existing procedures.

However, the system expects your warehousing business to grow! SWS will cope with your demands no matter how large your organisation becomes. Additional modules covering all degrees of complexity and management control can also be added to the basic unit when your business model requires them.

SWS can also interface with other computer systems. Our product can establish data links between warehousing data and your company’s main computer/ERP or ecommerce software.


We don’t leave you once your system has been installed. SWS offer on-site assistance, training and fast telephone/email support with a personal touch.

Third Party Recommendations

SWS is installed in a wide variety of industries including retail distribution, electronics, brown goods, white goods, pharmaceuticals, fine art materials, frozen foods, wines and spirits, brochure distribution, manufacturing companies and, above all, the most demanding third-party warehouse operators.

Please view our customer testimonials or contact us for references.