SWS Warehouse Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pricing Inquiry

I have a warehouse outside the UK. Do you have trained personnel in other countries?

We operate throughout the world.

SWS will only agree to distribution once the host has been trained.

Can I import data from my other systems?

Yes — we will assist you.

Will I need to re-key my stock and product codes?

It is unlikely, but we can help this process if it becomes necessary.

Is SWS compatible with my PCs and Operating Systems?

SWS Aurora is web-based and compatible with any desktop or mobile operating system which can run an HTML5 web browser.

Can I use my current barcode equipment?

More than likely.

Is my warehouse of 500 pallets too small for SWS?

No — it will just be cheaper!

Is my warehouse of 25,000 pallets too large for SWS?

No — it will just be cheaper than other solutions you find!

Can I run more than one warehouse on the system?


Do I have to use check digits?


Do I need a PC network or special hardware?

No. If you use SWS Aurora, you do not necessarily need a PC or laptop — a smartphone or tablet may be enough!

Can I add more users to the system?


Can I add further modules and options as my business develops and expands?


Where is the web-based SWS Aurora installed?

For maximum flexibility, we can host Aurora on our servers so you never need to purchase or maintain expensive central systems.

How long is the warranty period?

90 Days

How long does it take between my initial inquiry and a fully-operational system?

In most cases, we can have the SWS system implemented in your warehouse within 10 working days.