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We believe that people do business with people and place great emphasis on our personal service.


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SWS embrace the internet, web-based services, and the great benefits of email communication, but we still believe People Do Business With People.

We place great emphasis on our personal approach from the start with a view to forming a long-lasting partnership with you and your warehouse business. Unlike other web companies which decline personal contact, our service remains the same regardless of the sophistication of the platform.

A dedicated and experienced member of our team will be appointed to you from the outset. Over the years, as our knowledge and success has grown, we have learned that this approach facilitates the smooth integration of our systems and ensures that ongoing training and back up-support services run as smoothly as possible.

We also offer telephone support during office hours so help is at hand when you need it. Should you experience any problems, be rest assured that a solution will be delivered quickly and efficiently.