SWS Warehouse Management Software

New SWS Website Launch

18 July, 2011

SWS is pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved website.

The new site has been designed and developed by OptimalWorks Ltd, an award-winning company based in Exmouth, Devon.

The content has been re-organised and structured so it is even easier to find the content you require. Regular news and events can now be posted and you can subscribe to our feed using email or an RSS reader.

Craig Buckler of OptimalWorks commented:

The new SWS design uses modern HTML5 techniques to ensure the site works on a variety of desktop and mobile devices. You can access pages whether you’re using the latest iPhone, an old Nokia, Firefox 5, or Internet Explorer 6 on an ancient laptop. In addition, every page is printer-friendly.

Exciting developments will appear during the next few months. This is just the start.